What is the difference in A2zpad?

2 min readJan 17, 2022

Multi-chain Launchpad
Currently, the pairing technique is still complicated, causing most of the Launchpads today to focus on certain ecosystems. With that in mind, A2zpad promotes multi-chain deployment, our protocol that allows projects from different blockchain platforms to join our network. This is also a factor that makes it easy for individual users to manage their investments in different projects on just one platform.

One-stop Launchpad
A2zpad is a multi-featured Launchpad platform with additional features such as: allowing users to swap tokens on multiple networks with A2z Swap, participate in staking and receive profits with A2z Staking Pool, receive Airdrop rewards from projects launch on A2zpad, contribute to governance and future planning with A2z DAO. Users can flexibly use their capital on A2zpad to optimize profits in the best way.

Decentralized Launchpad
A2zpad will implement the DAO structure over time to gradually move towards a fully decentralized model. The A2zpad community has the right to vote for capital deployment in activities: liquidity provision, staking, investment in the early stages. In addition, the projects that receive the most votes will be launched with launchpads on our platform. All these activities are operated automatically on the DAO, minimizing the concentration of power on one party.